These days, in a world full of exotic floor coverings, many of us have never actually been privileged to feel a really good carpet beneath our feet. Thats a real shame because there are so many different styles, colors and patterns available, as well as a huge range of qualities and pile depth. The sad fact is that because most of us work to a budget we will probably never even look at the high priced carpet, or find out how luxurious it is.

The two most popular kinds of carpet today are loop pile and cut pile. A tiny loop is created when single strands of yarn are twice pulled through the backing of the carpet with loop pile carpet. As for the cut pile carpets and rugs, the looped strands of yarn are cut at the top to form straight tufts of yarn. The more resilient carpet is cut pile, and it is available in numerous styles, including Saxony, velvet, textured and shag. If you are planning to have the carpet in high traffic places, loop pile styles like cable, sisal and berber work great.

The actual carpet you end up picking will depend, naturally, on the amount you are willing to spend. The best quality carpet you can get is most likely wool. You would likely learn pretty rapidly, if you could afford to install wool carpeting, that it is far better than any other carpet you could have. It is a lot more resilient that any other type of fibre currently available.

It might last for more than 30 years, and the feel of wool as well as the rich look can’t be bested. Acrylic flooring is a lot like wool and it is commonly referred to as man made wool. Though it may be not the most effective for high traffic areas, it is very resistant to mildew, moisture, fading and staining.

Nylon and other man made fibers are perfect for high traffic areas. It is expensive as far as synthetic fibers go, but not nearly as expensive as wool.

The most affordable carpet textile offered is olefin. Olefin is quite easy to clean, and it is durable and colorfast however can be easily crushed. Besides the textile and the cost, you will additionally need to consider the color of the carpet.

Even though lighter floor covering colors can make your room look bigger, they will show more dirt. If you have toddlers or pets, it is likely you want to have dark colors for your carpet. Dark colors in addition to their many styles can readily hide the unsightly stains.

If you go with a light coloration, it will be challenging to get the stains out. Getting a dark colored carpet is a good choice if you don’t want to manage the stains. Kids and pets are likely to make stains on the carpet, so you might as well make it easier on yourself.

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