There are lots of reasons for having a reliable, consistent schedule for cleaning your carpets. Lots of people have allergies, for example,  and really do need to keep the dirt and dust to a minimum. If you fall into this category, make sure you vacuum several times every week. It’s also advisable to shampoo your carpets a minimum of twice a year. Our focus in this article is to give you some tips and ideas to help with your carpet cleaning.

You must seriously factor in the depth of the carpet fibers when you are talking about how to clean a carpet. You’re inviting problems if you don’t take this feature of your carpet into consideration. This could result in problems as serious as having to buy new carpeting. Furthermore, there’s a very good chance you won’t get up all the dirt and your carpet will still be soiled. Undoubtedly, if your carpets are of the low-cut pile variety, they will clean up easier. The subject that concerns us most here is carpets made of long fibers, like those found in shag carpeting. If you are going to shampoo a carpet with long pile, make sure to take enough time vacuum the carpet thoroughly before you proceed. Do you have a lot of traffic in your home? If so, it’s a good idea to vacuum frequently.

There is an interesting fact about carpets that are older than ten years. It’s not unusual to find that the carpets weigh a lot more when you remove them than when they were initially installed. Even though they are somewhat heavy when they’re new, they get even heavier as time goes by. Because they get dirt packed into the fibers causes the rugs to become heavier. Even a carpet that does not necessarily look like it has standing dirt has it ground and rubbed into the carpeting. You may find this tidbit interesting. People who work with carpets say it’s true. You can understand why you need a strong vacuum cleaner and, if yours isn’t, you should replace it so you can vacuum your rugs thoroughly during the week.

Your lifestyle, and who lives in your home, will determined how to best maintain your floors and how often to clean your rugs. You will have a bigger cleaning job, and will have to clean more often, if your household includes pets such as birds, dogs, or cats. Dander is the problem we run into when we have pets. They all have it, and they leave it everywhere. Dander is natural to these types of pets. It resembles a dust and is bad for allergies. Your routine for cleaning your carpets will be a little more frequent if you have pets. You can start by vacuuming more often, and it is important to get as much dander as you can. Normally, we recommend vacuuming once a week but, with pets, you may be required to vacuum twice a week or more.

Keeping your carpets clean is just a matter of common sense. Pay attention to your carpets and see what they need. It’s true, cleaning carpets is not the most exciting subject; however, if you want to extend the life of your carpets and protect your health, you will take the time to set up a cleaning routine. One of the most effective ways to help keep carpeting clean and easier to clean is through regular vacuuming each week.

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